Hot Water Heater Repair

It is easy to take hot water for granted, until you don’t have any, then it becomes major inconvenience. If you are out of hot water and not certain why then we are here to help you get back into hot water again.

Repairing a Hot Water HeaterOur favorite plumbers are experts at new hot water heater installation, or repairs needed with your current water heater. If you use an electric water heater then it is likely that you need a heater coil replacement. There are usually two coils required, one or both of them may need to be replaced. These heating coils normally use 220 volts of electricity, so it is smart for homeowners to have an experienced plumbing professional do the needed repairs to avoid serious injury, or making a bad situation worse.

Water heater that use gas can also be dangerous for an unfamiliar homeowner to work on. If the gas flame does not light, there can be several technical reasons why it does not work. Again, it is important to have an experienced hot water heater repair professional do the work for you to ensure all safety procedures are followed.

We also can assist with tankless hot water heater repairs and installation. If you are considering converting to a tankless water heater system in your home, we can help you learn the advantages and disadvantages for your specific floorplan and water usage needs.

Water heater repair and installation services are generally one of those plumbing specialties that are best to have a professional plumber to provide. There are many safety features incorporated into any type of a hot water heater system design to provide safe and reliable operation. A specific routine maintenance program should be followed to help assure that your water heater operates safely, reliably and efficiently. Give us a call and we will help do any needed repairs, inspections, or installations that your hot water heater system requires.

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