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A Quiz – On Water Use

How Much Water Do You Use A Day? Water usage estimates vary, but most people use between 80-100 gallons of water each day. This may be a surprise but flushing the toilet ranks as the largest use of water in American households, followed by showers and baths. This explains why low flow shower heads and […]

Ten Tips To Prevent Toilet Problems

A Happy Toilet Is A Happy Household Many people do not like to mess with household plumbing. That is understandable, and a good decision, especially if you are not familiar with what you are doing. Things can get real messy real quickly if something unintentionally goes wrong, especially with toilets and sewage issues. However, there […]

Favorite Plumbers Benefits

Green Plumbing Ideas

Green Plumbing Tips There are many ways that you can introduce green alternatives into your home plumbing. Green plumbing alternatives in your home can save water, lower your energy needs and provide for a healthier environment. Certain green products are sometimes a little more expensive to implement than other more common and standard plumbing solutions. […]

Water Heater Myth

Water Heater Myth

A plumbing myth can be created when bad or incomplete information is repeated often enough so that over time it becomes regarded as a wise rule of thumb for plumbing issues. Here are a few examples of common plumbing myths that we hear from time to time, and wanted to provide some insights to each. […]

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